10 Secret Underground Bunkers In Houses

10 Secret Underground Bunkers In Houses

The world has seen a barrage of natural disasters over the centuries that have unexpectedly shaken whole nations and caused catastrophic losses of life and destruction of property. And although we somehow managed to survive each of these disasters, we’ve always known that there’s another big one coming. An apocalyptic event of epic proportions.
The question you need to be asking; where will you hide if a natural or man-made disaster strikes?
For some people, underground bunkers are the solution to survive nature’s most violent rage or man’s ultimate blunders.
From tech billionaires, heads of states, and survivalists to ordinary folks in America, people are buying underground doomsday bunkers, storm shelters, and secure panic rooms to prep for whatever’s coming.
Join us as we take you to 10 secret underground bunkers built in houses.
Also, be sure to stay to the end of the video to find out how life is, living inside a real missile silo.

#10. ARISTOCRAT underground bunker
Talk of an underground bunker and most people will think of dark thick-concrete rooms filled with rows of metal bunk beds and towering boxes of canned goods to get the occupants through doomsday.
But that’s not how the world’s elite design their underground secret shelters. Tech billionaires, hedge fund managers, top government executives, corporate titans, and sports stars will ride out an apocalypse in their million-dollar luxurious secret shelters.
These bunkers have all the comforts of their luxurious homes so that the experience they have with their family and staff is closer to their daily routines.
For a little over 8 million dollars, the super-rich can buy and have the ARISTOCRAT underground bunker complex constructed right under their homes.
This is a glamorous secret hide-away bunker designed by the Texas-based Rising S Bunkers company. Being their luxury line, these bunkers are designed to offer buyers all the comforts of modern living while providing protection against anything from nuclear strikes and catastrophic natural disasters.
The bunker’s hatch is typically positioned behind a false wall which will be undetectable to the naked eye. Only the homeowner and the family or designated staff can know how to access the 5-star secret underground bunker.


#9. The Oppidum complex
In the magnificent countryside of the Czech Republic, lies the Oppidum secret estate behind thick high walls. It is a spectacular 323,000 square foot property with the world’s largest doomsday shelter hidden beneath its above-ground residential estate.
Information about this prestigious doomsday facility is classified. Only the super-rich can access the finer details through a secure, password-protected online portal. Although, we do know that it was built between 1984 and 1994 at the height of the Cold War.
What’s fascinating about this estate is the deluxe bunker built beneath the buildings at ground level. The bunker is accessed through a secret corridor that is securely sealed once all inhabitants have been safely settled inside.
There, the residents can remain isolated and protected from natural catastrophes, outbreaks and diseases, zombie attacks, and threats of war.
The subterranean safehouse will host its affluent guests for up to 10 years, providing everything they need in terms of food and drink, medical, surgical facilities, and other necessities.
But it’s the high-end furnished living spaces and the ultra-sophisticated entertainment features that make the Oppidum a fine hideaway for the mega-rich.
Talk about riding out an apocalypse in style.


#8. Cold War bunker in Aurora, Ontario
Inside this home in Aurora is a Cold War-era nuclear bunker that sits hidden underground. The charming four-bedroom farmhouse was built in 1870 and was used as a nuclear control centre in the 60s, a time when nations of the world were on edge and the threat of hydrogen bombs being more real than ever.
We are long past the Cold War era now, but that is not to say such a facility has run out of its usefulness. Well, at least not to the current owner who had purchased the property from Toronto City council in the 90s.

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