6 DAY SURVIVAL in EXTREME Weather! (NO Food, NO Shelter)

Taking you through the experience of 6 Day Autumn Survival with Knife & Paracord Only*! We start just 2 hours before dawn… We will get to deal with serious rainfall lasting for days… Shelter & Fire making is key, but will be difficult under these circumstances… Hopefully, I can get some water and food in soon enough! Enjoy!
(* in case things would escalate into a real survival situation, I did have some emergency supplies with me: first aid, firesteel & headtorch)

WATCH the all-new follow-up 3-day REDEMPTION VIDEO!: https://youtu.be/JH0sE09Y7mY . Julius gets dropped again in this same forest. He better gets his raft going and catches some fish! And subscribe for the 60-day Medieval Living Experience coming Fall!, continuously staying in the roundhouse! Enjoy!

SUPPORT our Native WOODLAND CONSERVATION efforts! Im doing fundraising for our local conservation project, restoring native woodland and bog in the river area of this video. The fundraiser will be launched during the 60 day Medieval Living Experience! So, please follow our channel & social media for more information, coming soon!

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0:00 Intro
0:56 Day 1 – 2 Hours before sunset
3:35 Day 2 – Bad weather coming in
15:58 Day 3 – Finding some food
22:42 Day 4 – Fishing tackle craft & food expedition
36:15 Day 5 – Fishing & survival raft
47:50 Day 6 – Dylan to the Rescue
54:37 Coming up! New 3 day Redemption

Music Credits:
“Light” by Jorge Mendez – https://youtu.be/52509xgZKDI
Other music from epidemicsound.com

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