6 Tips for Growing Survival Garden Crops – Making Your Home or Homestead More Sustainable

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6 Tips for Growing Survival Garden Crops – Making Your Home or Homestead More Sustainable: Survival gardening, SHTF, preparedness, prepping, it can be a lot of fun or can seem like an obsession for some. Either way, it makes sense and feels good to be more self-sufficient and self-reliant. That’s why practicing some common sense preparedness is never a bad idea and growing your own food vegetables is a fun and rewarding way to do this. This is particularly true if you live off-grid and in a rural area where a power outage can last for days and bad weather such as a heavy snowfall can prevent you from getting to the grocery store. In this video, you’ll see my wife Tori and I build a more sustainable homestead and share what we learn along the way.

The thumbnail for this vid is meant as a bit of a joke and is a play on words. Though the skills to grow our own food – and enough of it to survive is important to us, we’ve had some not-so fantastic results in the past. Additionally, in a hypothetical situation where you did have to grow your own food to survive, the survival of your garden is definitely tied to your own survival. I think that growing your own food is something that is too often overlooked in long-term survival scenarios.

Watch the previous episode covering our sustainability push where we plant apple trees, rhubarb and several types of vegetables in grow pots.

Watch more of my homesteading videos through the playlist linked here. This includes making maple syrup, snow removal, building wood sheds, canoe racks, splitting a winter’s supply of fire wood, building fences and more vegetable gardening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93CZ231IONY&list=PLdWkde9gml_9WnTMPLhJGCahlpi5GgNFe

Chapters below broken down into tips:


0:00 Our Homestead, Terraced Raised Beds & Weeding
03:33 Tip 1: Mixing Compost with Fire Ash for Rich Soil
09:46 Tip 2 Five Good Shade Vegetables to Plant
10:46 Planting Potatoes From Potatoes
16:44 Tip 3 Tips On How To Plant Onion, Chives, & Lettuce
18:07 Tip 4 Seed Organizer Pill Container Hack
20:24 Planting Broccoli & Cauliflower – How Far Apart to Plant Them?
23:03 Tip 5 How to Make a Raised Bed to Grow Crops
26:30 Tip 6 Make a Permaculture Raised Bed – Using Wood, Bark & Wood Chips for Sustainable Fertalizer
29:28 Jim & Tori Baird Chat About Future Plans, Pumpkins & Three Sisters Garden

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