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We hear about “run/hide/fight” all the time but as a teacher in a classroom, a parishioner at church or any other type of scenario run and hide are much less likely to be viable options and not many people teach good ways to deal with an active shooter already entering your space intending to do harm. What we are presenting here is a starting point for training yourself on how to deal with an active shooter without yourself being armed. There are many more elements to how we teach to respond in this situation but this is where you begin, by disabling the shooter from a third person position.
There is no fancy martial art technique to this, just some guiding principles, the most important of which is to train on acting quickly and aggressively.
If you chose to train this on your own: 1. Use either an inert training gun or a real weapon with a barrel block or with the bolt/firing pin removed from it.
2. Wear gloves and any other appropriate protective gear so you don’t get cut up by the gun when fighting over it. 3. After making the initial contact with the shooter and securing the gun and arms in your “hug” DO NOT drop to the floor as aggressively as you can because doing so will result in injuries and you want to be able to train with that partner again.

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