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Welcome to today’s, very exciting video. I was thinking recently. You know, I haven’t made one of these top 10 videos in a long time. There’s a lot of new players who have just picked up Ark, are getting back into the game, or just want to get better. So I thought I’d go ahead and make an updated Top 10 PvP tips for 2020. Whether you’re brand new to the game, or more of a moderate level player, I’m sure you’re gonna find something here that’s gonna up your game. Let’s get right into it. After a word from our sponsor.

Starting with number 10! Turret draining!

I’m sure you didn’t expect that one to be here. Any raid in ark is gonna require you to drain your enemy’s turrets before you’re able to bust in and get the juicy goodies. Raiding is a lot of work, it’s hard, and the defender generally is gonna have the advantage. Once you’ve carefully scouted out your enemy’s location, figured out the weak point in their defenses, and pushed in close enough to set up your FOB, it’s time to drain those turrets. So, what are the best options for turret soaking? Well there’s actually a lot of great options for this. Generally the absolute best thing you want to have tamed is going to be your rock golems. The Rock Golem takes reduced damage from regular turrets, and also has an advantage where you’re able to completely protect the rider from being targeted by the turrets. All you have to do is look straight up with your rock Golem and slowly back into enemy turrets. Press K to go into third person so you can see your surroundings. Other popular options for draining turrets are the trike, gasbag and Paracer. Note, some of these creatures have special vulnerabilities, as well as armored parts of their bodies, which need to be taken into consideration. The Trike has an armored head, which makes it generally great for draining any kind of turret. You’ll want to avoid taking hits to the body; it takes standard damage with body shots. The Megachelon takes enhanced damage from regular turrets but standard damage from tek turrets. Its shell is armored so backing up into enemy tek turrets is very effective. The gasbag is an excellent option for draining turrets, when possible. The problem with this one is if you have to ride it, you’re a sitting duck. Mr. Rock Golem, while possibly being the single best soaker of the bunch, is particularly weak against tek turrets. So make sure you consider all of these points before raiding. Of course, you’re gonna want to get your hands on some high quality saddles too, a good saddle will massively reduce the damage that your soakers receive.

Number nine. Super soakers. Let’s kick it up a notch. to enhance your turret soakers even more, make sure you bring along with you, a Yutyrannus and a Daeodon. Having well bred soakers, wearing high tier saddles along with these two makes for a disgusting combo. The Daeodon will allow your dinos to heal at an accelerated rate. That way they can get back in and soak even more bullets, while the Yutyrannus has the ability to buff the defense of the soakers by a huge 20%! Absolutely a difference you can feel! If you’re using herbivores like the Trike you can keep tasty veggie cakes in their inventory and use those in addition to the Daeodon to heal faster. I have in depth videos covering all these creatures in depth, in my everything you need to know playlist! Go check that out!

For those of you waiting to learn something new, bear with me, I want to cover some of the more basic things for our new or returning friends, before we get into some of the more obscure tips I’ve got for you. Anyway coming in at number eight! Rocket Running Man! One of the most classic raiding tactics! All you have to do is have a character with hugely boosted movement speed, and ideally some extra HP, drink some beer to increase your damage resistance, then you just run straight at an enemy’s turret wall with a rocket launcher. Blow yourself up once you reach the turrets and bang! You’re in! This method can be enhanced by using high quality flak armor blueprints to give yourself high damage resistance, riot shields to get in close before taking hits, or to reduce how many hits you’re taking, and Focal Chile to increase your movement speed by an extra 25%. If you combine all of these things at once this method is really strong!

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