Be Ready To Survive & Adapt To What’s Next | LIVE

Be Ready To Survive & Adapt To What’s Next | LIVE
A lot of events are in motion that signal a looming disaster that all of us should be prepared for. Adaptation will be survival in the new environment.

Things are ramping up toward a real SHTF experience in parts of the world that have been mostly saved from it up until now. We witnessed what happens when groups of desperate people leverage their numbers and power to enforce their will upon the masses. We know that preppers, no matter how ready, will still feel the burden of the coming crisis. And, we know that there is no way to rely on support from any entity other than yourself. We have to be ready and prepared for this upcoming emergency. Our preparedness can only get us so far through a survival situation. Which is why adaptation will become so important. is working on a new project for on 24 acres with an older farmhouse that borders the US Forest Service in NW Montana. It has access to spring fed water, a small pond, trees, meadows and abundant game. It is ready to be renovated into the ultimate sustainable homestead. If that is something you’re interested in, mention that Magic Prepper sent you and that you want more information on “Majestic Ranch”. They can also help with property in Idaho and other parts of Montana as well.

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Invader Coffee is what I’ll be drinking in the apocalypse. How about you?

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AXIL offers quality hearing protection in all kinds of configurations. I use their TRACKR muffs as part of my comms set up and their GS Extreme 2.0’s are perfect for minimal cheek weld interference. Check out these exclusive deals using these links and use the code “MP15” to save 15% off of your order!
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All affiliate links provide support to this channel and help to keep things moving forward which I greatly appreciate. Thank you all.

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