HIDE YOUR FOOD. You Better Be Prepared. | Secret Homestead of Survival | MMNP Farm Series S1 E4

Are you prepared for what happens next? Meet My Neighbor Productions takes you on a journey to the Secret Homestead of Survival with the Survivalist Gardener @SurvivalistGardener (Rick Austin) and Survivor Jane @Survivor Jane (Jane Austin) who were featured in the @National Geographic Doomsday Preppers.

Rick and Jane have created a permaculture survivalist homestead hidden within the Appalachian Mountains. The Austins are authors of numerous survival books and run the largest Prepper education camp in the country.

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0:00 Something Isn’t Right
1:32 The Survivalist Gardener and Survivor Jane
3:17 Everything Is Going to Hell in a Handbasket
7:49 Creating a Survival Homestead
11:13 Permaculture Food Forest for Survival
20:58 Conservatory Greenhouse for Survival
27:06 Using Passive Solar Energy to Heat Water
28:30 Water Conservation on the Homestead
29:43 Benefits of a Compost Toilet
30:50 Best Livestock for a Homestead
31:52 Raising Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
35:20 Raising Champagne d’Argent Rabbits for Meat
36:46 Raising Rhode Island Red Chickens for Meat
37:36 Raising Khaki Campbell Ducks for Meat and Eggs
38:58 Beekeeping with a Horizontal Langstroth Hive
42:20 Raising Red Wattle Pigs for Meat
47:47 How to make more space for livestock
49:28 Learn to be a Prepper
53:58 Should You Be Prepared?
55:56 Doomsday Credits
59:10 A Dinner Prayer

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