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Learn how to be a prepper – and be ready for ANYTHING!
Here are ways on how to be a prepper – prepper basics, what to store, how to store, and plan for any emergency!

How to be a prepper – prepper pantry list

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The questions today are all about how to be a prepper. This is one of my favorite topics. It’s my hobby. And it is always my joy to share with you God’s recipe for excellent health, which starts with the number one ingredient. God loves you. He loves you from the moment of conception, he will always be there for you. It’s an everlasting love. Let’s get started.

1. How do I prepare and plan what to eat when food shortages are more regular? Down here in Australia, we have blockading on our roads by the truckies which means truckers that’s happening soon. And many foods are already in short supply.

This is a very serious question. I’m truly sorry for what you’re going through. So let’s go through some answers here.

First of all, remember this, God is more concerned about your life than anyone else. And he says in His Word, He will never leave you or forsake you. He has and he never sleeps. So we need to trust him. Never forget. One of my mentors shared with me many years ago that those who trusted God did not have to get into the breadline from the government during the Depression. God supplied all of their needs. And I believe that will be true today as well.

Second, make a list of what you do have available. What foods do you have in stock? What do you have access to? Now include on your list? What can you grow? What can you barter for? And what can you buy from friends? Are there items in your home that you can sell to your neighbors for food?

Third, create a garden club. This is so important. I really want everyone to catch this, create a garden club, find others in a similar situation and see what each of you can contribute and then work as a group.

2. What are the basics of becoming a prepper?

For me it’s more about flavor. Now I’m not going to go into how to protect yourself with arms and you know with with military stuff or water that’s just not my talk, but I am going to talk to you about food because if my family is not hungry then we can weather any storm effectively. When you add hunger into a crisis everything escalates. So plan with your family needs to make one meal without having to go to the store. Plan it shop for it and store it. Next plan a full month planet shop for it start. Now when I say planet I literally mean write it out. And even through the Proverbs 31 prepper book I teach you this, write it out.

Now once you have a one month supply of food packaged away in containers that are not going to allow critters or weather to destroy, then think through this. So think through how you would cook that food? If the electricity or the power went out? Write out a list of cooking options. This is another thing I have in the prepper book. Do you have a grill? Do you have a fire pit? Do you have a camper? Do you have gas bottles? Do you have butane gas? Do you have a butane stove?

3. I live in a rural area with small grocery stores. So it’s hard to buy organic, any suggestions? Also, what should I keep stacks of food and equipment in case of a food shortage?

All grocery stores are going to stock what people are willing to buy. I stopped at this cheese shop. It’s about an hour away for pantry supplies they do about twice a year. They don’t sell green and bags of 50 pounds on the shelf. But when I asked Hey, do you have a 50 pound bag of grain they said yeah. And then they go to the back and they bring it out and they sell it to me. When I started teaching milling here in the Richmond area, there’s no grocery stores that sold green. After one year of teaching and people asking for grain at the local store. Actually, we have three stores that quickly jumped in and on board and are still 15 years later selling grain. So grocers will sell what you want to buy. They respond to need to talk to your grocer, talk to your neighbors.So tell them or ask them how much do you have to buy. And then tell them how much you’re willing to buy. If they can only get an item that you want in crates, then buy the entire crate.

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