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Knockout strikes are dangerous. This can be a lethal technique so you must use this only when your life is under threat.

Many people think these “karate chop” pressure point knockouts are a myth. They are not. However, it’s a difficult target to hit especially if your opponent has his guard up. However, in some cases an attacker may leave these targets wide open. If that is the case, it can be an instant fight ender. So it should be a part of your self defense arsenal.

Just don’t be stupid and try doing this to your buddies. They will fall and the fall can lead to a fatal or debilitating head injury. This demonstration was performed with trained professionals in a controlled environment.

TLDR: The video demonstrates the effectiveness of pressure point strikes for self-defense, including how to deliver a knockout tap to the nerve and the potential dangers of striking certain nerves.

00:00 Use pressure point strikes on the stomach and neck for effective self-defense.

01:10 Learn how to deliver a knockout tap to the nerve with a powerful striking tool and hip and circular motions.

3. 01:49 🧠 Pressure on specific nerves can control a person’s body, according to the speaker’s demonstration.

02:24 Pressure point strikes can knock someone out by overloading their nervous system.

02:52 Demonstrating a nerve strike, the speaker warns of the potential to knock someone out with the technique.

03:44 Vaccines are effective in preventing COVID-19 and its variants, but it’s important to warm up the injection site before getting vaccinated.

04:01 Be cautious when striking stomach nerve number nine as it can result in knockout or death.

04:42 Use pressure point strikes to take control or knock out an opponent.

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