Lighting Fast Trapping and Destruction | Paul Vunak | Self Defense Moves

Legendary Jeet Kune Do instructor Paul Vunak will demonstrate to you the what to do if someone blocks you in a fight. This self defense video discusses Bruce Lee’s revolutionary approach to martial arts and teaches self-defense techniques that involve intercepting and adapting to different energies in combat situations.

00:00 Bruce Lee revolutionized traditional Asian martial arts by introducing interception and energy drills to overcome the limitations of blocking techniques.

01:11 Jack’s early blast forces opponents to close their eyes and raise their hands.

01:32 A new self-defense technique involves destroying the nerve on the arm to allow for head butt, sneeze, and elbow strikes.

02:22 Jack’s energy requires a variety of traps to be used in order to succeed.

02:50 Understanding and adapting to different energies in martial arts is crucial for success in combat situations.

03:50 Learn how to trap your opponent’s hand and read their energy during a fight.

04:59 Destroy the barrier on both sides to head butt.

05:57 Paul Vunak shows how to use lateral motion for an eye jab and headbutt, leaving the opponent’s center line open.

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