Minecraft: How to Build an Underground Survival Bunker [Tutorial] 2021

I know how much you all loved my other underground base/house videos, so I’ve decided to make a huge underground bunker for you all that will look amazing in your Minecraft worlds!

* SEED: -5405061352920635065 (Java 1.16)
* LOCATION: X: 302 Y: 69 Z: 423

* Please note that this seed is for Java 1.16. I made this world when 1.16 first came out and so there may be some minor differences in world generation in newer versions of Minecraft *

This bunker contains pretty much everything you’d need in survival Minecraft. It has a bedroom with a cosy fireplace and somewhere to show off your armour, a crafting and smelting room with extra room for storage, an enchanting room with a brewing station and a nether portal, a storage room with a ton of chests in there and a large farm room at the back with a mine entrance. You’ll hardly ever have to leave the bunker!

I really hope that you enjoy the video. If you follow this tutorial, then be sure to tweet me with your screenshots. I’d love to see what you’ve all built! My twitter is @5pudetti and the link can be found below.

** BEST NEW Hidden Underground Base 2022: https://youtu.be/G2O28YSDerw **

Want to expand this base? Click here: https://youtu.be/GPxQmfzG91M

Need MORE storage? Extend your build with my underground storage room: https://youtu.be/w5uNrpp17A8

Add an underground trading hall to this build: https://youtu.be/yu-ov87GkBg

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Minecraft: How to Build an Underground Survival Bunker in @Minecraft
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Texture pack: x32 Faithful v1.16.4
Shader pack: BSL Shaders

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Entry
8:09 Hallway layout
11:07 Hallway design
20:09 Hallway interior
21:38 Bedroom layout
23:44 Bedroom design
28:41 Bedroom interior
32:38 Crafting room layout
34:08 Crafting room design
37:25 Crafting room interior
41:03 Storage room design
44:39 Storage room interior
47:47 Enchanting room design
50:12 Enchanting room interior
54:35 Farm room layout
57:23 Farm room design
1:02:05 Farm room interior
1:09:48 Outro

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If you use my builds in a YouTube video then please credit me for the design.

Copyright 2021 © by Spudetti.

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