Minecraft Survival Guide 2020 (How To Play Minecraft for Beginners)

The COMPLETE basic guide to Minecraft Survival mode for 2020! How to play Minecraft for beginners and anyone who lost their way as far as navigation and/or progression!

Gathering Wood: 00:20
Basic Crafting: 00:52
Housing/Shelter: 03:38
Tools & Weapons: 05:56
Food (meat): 06:33
Furnace: 07:29
Farming (plants): 08:31
Bed/Spawn Point: 09:46
Armor: 10:53
Mining: 11:34
Exploring & Navigating: 18:59
Compass: 19:37
Map: 20:01
Boat: 22:04
Taming: 23:14
Villages & Traders: 25:51
Minecarts & Mechanisms: 26:17
Biomes: 27:12
Special Locations: 27:53
The Nether realm: 28:02
Strongholds: 29:31
The End realm: 30:48
Modes, Mods & Servers: 31:35

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