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Hey YouTube family!
As many of you know, we are in unprecedented times in our nation & with so many uncertainties, Joe & I have been working hard to prepare our family for an “emergency.” Whatever that may be! In today’s video, we do a huge Sams Club haul to begin our food storage prep & I take you inside our “bug out bags” to show you all the things that we’ve collected for any survival situation!

Remember, God tells us NOT to live in fear, but he instructs us to be wise and prepared. Noah prepared for the flood by building the ark, Joseph prepared for the food famine by saving up grain! There are so many stories in the BIBLE that teach us that the Lord blesses preparedness! Cheers!


1) Fishing kit: (Amazon)
2) Personal water filter (straw): (Amazon)
3) Emergency food ration bars: (Amazon)
4) Water purification tablets: (Amazon)
5) Toothpaste: (Amazon)
6) Sunscreen: (Amazon)
7) Hiking backpack (bug out bag): (Amazon)
8) Cold weather/waterproof gloves: (Amazon)
9) Reusable utensil set: (Amazon)
10) Reusable cloth menstrual pads: (Amazon)
11) All weather sleeping bag: (Amazon)
12) Waterproof tent: (Amazon)
13) Emergency arm sling: (Amazon)
14) Duct tape: (Amazon)
15) Pepper spray: (Amazon)
16) Glow sticks: (Amazon)
17) E-tool: (Amazon)
18) Military woobie blanket: (Amazon)
19) Hairbrush: (Amazon)
20) LED flashlight: (Amazon)
21) Solar power USB charger: (Amazon)
22) Medical tourniquet: (Amazon)
23) Pocket knife with fire starter: (Amazon)
24) Camping coffee cup: (Amazon)
25) First aid kit: (Amazon)
26) Canteen: (Amazon)
27) Emergency thermal blanket: (Amazon)
28) Collapsing fishing pole: (Amazon)
29) LED head lamp: (Amazon)
30) Sewing kit: (Amazon)
31) Hair ties: (Amazon)
32) Hatchet: (Amazon)
33) Signaling mirror with whistle: (Amazon)
34) D-rings: (Amazon)
35) Excalibur food dehydrator: (Amazon)
36) Powdered cheese: (Amazon)
37) Powdered whole milk: (Amazon)
38) Maple syrup (1) gallon: (Amazon)
39) Apple cidar vinegar (1) gallon: (Amazon)
40) Multipurpose wet wipes: (Amazon)
41) 5 gallon mylar bags with oxygen absorbers: (Amazon)
42) Matches: (Amazon)
43) Lighters: (Amazon)
44) Oxygen absorbant packets: (Amazon)
45) Baking powder (5) lbs: (Amazon)
46) Baking soda (1) gallon: (Amazon)
47) Distilled white vinegar (1) gallon: (Amazon)
48) Toothbrush with cover: (Amazon)
49) P-touch label maker: (Amazon)
50) P-touch tape cartridges: (Amazon)
51) Sunglife vacuum sealer: (Amazon)
52) Vacuum sealer bags: (Amazon)
53) Dental floss: (Amazon)
54) Ibuprofen 500 ct: (Amazon)
55) Toe warmers: (Amazon)
56) Vacuum sealer: (Amazon)

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