Survival Garden Update – 06/29/10 – Prepper container gardening

Update as of june 29, 2010 on my survival garden. If you are a prepper and have been planting you own garden, you may enjoy this video. I planted new tomatoes in buckets and pots, the cucumbers are coming up better now and the vines are getting longer, transplanted some squash into a bigger clay pot, the baby squash are coming in, banana pepper plants are putting on now, the bell peppers are getting bigger. I also planted in boots this time to show that you can container garden in just about anything that you can recycle.

if you haven’t started growing anything to stock up your pantry for this winter, there is still a little time left. Don’t delay. The further we get in to this economic crisis, the closer we seem to be getting to a currency collapse and when that happens, it is going to be harder to feed you and your family. There is now an even greater threat because of the BP oil spill and the chemicals they are using not to mention the methane gas that is coming up out the bottom of the ocean.

people are saying that it feels like the end times and that bible prophecy has started to fulfill. We aren’t sure yet but whatever is happening, it’s a wise decision to grow your own food while you have the chance. Don’t forget, try to use all heirloom seeds so you can save some for next year.

View original video here

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