The Biblical Self Defense Song 2.0 (ThePatriotNurse Duet)

The Original Song:
Friend me!

It might have been a rock; it might have been a knife
That Cain used to his take his brother Abel’s life
God responded not by making a rock registry
Or by instating a background check for sharp, pointy things
God banished Cain for murdering an innocent one
The Lord sees evil hearts, not an evil rocks, or knives, or guns
The 6th commandment doesn’t say, “You Shall Not Kill” it says “Don’t murder”
Christ said “turn the other cheek”, He meant no Vengeance toward another

Verse 1
“Sword and Spear” control for Hebrews was the most effective way
The Philistines had to ensure that Jewish folks would stay their slaves
In Bible days the sword was like today’s black rifle
It was the finest weapon to defend your life and others
Being armed is just the same as locking all your doors
Jesus said, “go sell your clothes and by yourself a sword
“and love your neighbor as yourself, be good Samaritans”
Responsibility pertains to people not to things

Verse 2
Holier than thou you say, “I don’t need guns, God protects me”
But if you’re not prepared, you’re testing God and being haughty
Remember Satan tried to tempt Jesus to take the leap
He tried to dare the Son of God to jump 700 feet
Satan said “If you’re e God’s son, angels will bear you up”
Jesus quoted Deuteronomy to that deceiving schmuck
It is written “Do no test or tempt the Lord your God.”
God controls the outcome but preparing is our job

Verse 3
If you’re righteous but you cave, to evil doers
You are just like dirty waters according to Proverbs
We have no right to hand over our life to the unrighteous
Life’s a gift from God, and something He holds precious

This is an fxhummel1 original song. I wrote and performed all the lyrics and music and own all the rights to the contents of this video.

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