Women Try A Self-Defense Class For The First Time

Three individuals learn and apply self defense moves in dangerous at-home, reality-based simulations with an unarmed assailant.





RAW Power Self Defense utilizes Adrenal Stress Scenario Training – a method of self defense that features realistic scenarios with padded mock assailants. This fast and effective teaching method gives students a chance to practice verbal boundary setting and physical self defense skills full force and full speed to all vital targets while experiencing the adrenaline, stress and unpredictability of a real assault.
This comprehensive method of self defense training gives tools that people can use in a worst case physical assault, but even more useful and applicable on a daily basis, it teaches tools they need to prevent and/or avoid an assault altogether.
We prepare for other types of emergencies, like practicing fire drills and learning CPR. Make sure you’re prepared for the ultimate emergency – when the crisis is happening to YOU!

Businesses where you can do this type of training:
RAW Power Real World Self Defense (So Cal) www.rawpowerselfdefense.com
Bay Area Impact (No Cal) www.impactbayarea.org
Esteem (So Cal) www.esteemcommunication.org
Girls Fight Back (So Cal) www.girlsfightback.com
Impact Boston www.impactboston.org
Impact Chicago www.impactchicago.org
Impact Colorado www.impact-colorado.org
Impact Personal Safety (So Cal) www.impactpersonalsafety.com
Model Mugging (National) www.modelmugging.org
Prepare (N.Y.) www.prepareinc.com
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