WWIII Victory Garden Challenge: A Successful Harvest Starts With Good Design and Planning

Springtime is the perfect time to finalize your garden plans and get busy preparing for planting season. Planning now will make all the difference in your ability to enjoy an abundant harvest.

In this video, we share garden plans and designs from 3 of our friends. Each design is a bit unique but can produce an abundance of fresh produce for the family.

A big thank you to our guests! Please reach out to us at https://theprovidentprepper.org/contact-us/ if you would like to share some of your garden tips, successes, and/or failures.

*Rob and Amanda Jones and family. I am a huge fan of Amanda’s Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/momsbecoming/

*Anthony and Samantha Nyman have a new YouTube channel where you can subscribe and follow their adventures https://youtube.com/channel/UCmeaCZKhdLbN_wDUIhGOsZQ

* Ryan Marshall has done a fantastic job of becoming self-reliant and growing a significant amount of the food he eats. His garden is beautiful!

*Jadam Organic Pest and Disease Control https://amzn.to/3idHG58
*Gaia’s Garden https://amzn.to/3tlAkTj (My favorite resource!)
*Survival Garden Seeds https://bit.ly/3wi7i8Z Use the promo code: PROVIDENTPREPPER for 10% off of your order.

*Check out the video we created for City Prepping on good garden design for basics on designing a successful garden https://youtu.be/XGNHPyHCmEk

Thanks for being part of the solution!

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