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Heirloom seed variety packs are perfect for experienced and first time gardeners, preppers, or anyone else looking to grow their own delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs for them and their family. All of these amazing select varieties can be grown until they are pollinated and produce their own seed, producing an endless supply of all your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

The Top 4 Reasons for Buying Survival Seed Variety Packs
1. Cost $$$ You will pay only half of what you would normally pay for the same amount of heirloom seeds if you were to pay for individual packets.
2. Quality. The seed companies I placed links to above are all grown in the USA and source from local Non-GMO growers that open air pollinate their high germination rate seeds.
3. High Yield Varieties. The varieties that are in these packages represent the top yielding, best tasting, and greatest nutrient dense varieties that can be grown in any climate.
4. Perfect Gift. The three seed pack varieties I posted links to above all make great gift ideas for yourself 🙂 or for a loved one. Gardeners, preppers, survivalists, vegetarians, vegans, and even children will love these as a gift.

There is such an amazing appreciation that you feel when you grow your own food and especially when you save seeds from the plants and grow them the next year. Its a fun science/biology project that captivates the interest of my children as well as myself. The global pandemic with COVID-19 has shown the fragility of our food production and distribution system. Ensure your family’s food security by growing your own garden.

Start off your spring garden right with these non-GMO Heirloom seeds. These variety seed packages are marketed with many different names, Seed Vaults, Seed Banks, Heirloom Seed Garden Kits, etc. They all have the same thing in common Non-GMO, Non-hybrid, Open Pollinated, and high yield varieties. They typically differ in packaging, variety type, the quantity of seeds in each pack, organically grown, and cost. All of the seed variety packs chosen above are ones that I personally researched and I have grown the Survival Garden Seeds variety myself.

Please ask me any questions in the comment section below.

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